Farm to Table

AGE Global Trading is committed to assist developing countries by exposing their natural resources to world markets while providing them with technological infrastructure to bring their societies into the 21st century. We work closely with government agencies, local land owners, and international shipping partners to ensure timely and consistent delivery of all goods that we offer.

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Our Commitment to Fair Trade

Fair trade is an approach to business based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Fair trade supports farmers and other business owners in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. These producers often face steep hurdles in finding markets and consumers for their goods. AGE Global Trading promotes fair trade by working directly with these indigenous peoples to prepare their goods for international markets.

Our Process

Since 2006, our mission has been clear: to use the natural resources of third world nations as a vehicle for change throughout the developing world.

Identify a nation's available resources.
We work closely with government agencies and local land owners to identify the valuable natural resources that are available in the target country.
Create branding and sales strategy.
Once we have identified and sourced the viable resources, we develop brands and marketing campaign to support a wide market wholesale sales strategy.
Distribute goods in established markets
Once we have branded the resources, we sell them through existing sales channels to wholesalers in the US and EU.
Food Services
Crop Planning
Health Inspections

Certified Organic

All of our agricultural products are certified Organic and Fair Trade. We regularly oversee the planting, care, harvesting, and processing to ensure that each is performed in conformity with international standards for health and quality.

The use of pesticides has a serious impact on the ecology of agriculture as well as the broader environment. Our commitment to only purchase organic foods supports a clean for farmers and healthy foods for the end consumer.

We only purchase foods from small cooperatives instead of industrial sized operations. We have seen the conditions of chronic poverty and labor exploitation that are supported by factory farming and strip mining.