Cybersecurity Solutions

Attacks launched on networks keep getting more elaborate and harder to detect. Highly discreet, these threats combine several attack vectors to achieve their goals.

As a response to the compromise of critical services and the leak of corporate data deemed sensitive, our CipherKnot® software provides monitoring of threats on a global scale and a comprehensive system of coordinated protection.

By involving the cooperation of its security modules and products, CipherKnot® is able to provide a response on the first two layers of the collaborative approach. The way information is reported on products deployed ensures that a global vision of the threat is given on the scale of all these clients. This synergy consists of responding to mutivector threats through effective and multilayered protection, internal collaboration, context-based protection and a global analysis of threats.

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Encrypted Phone Systems
Secure Internal Chat
Mobile Device Encryption
Data Merging
Firewall Security
Privacy & Anonymity Servers
Secure Cloud
Public Wi-Fi Netmonitor

Network Security

A range of multifunction network protection solutions that integrate a vulnerability management module.

Endpoint Security

Products that provide effective workstation protection that responds to the most sophisticated attacks.

Data Security

Software suite that offers protection for the most sensitive information, ensuring an effective barrier against data leaks.