Uganda Revenue Authority

AGE East Africa holds two Business Trade Licenses from the URA, including Clearing & Forwarding License and Customs Agent License.

The Uganda Revenue Authority is a government revenue collection agency established by the Parliament of Uganda. Operating under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the URA is responsible for enforcing, assessing, collecting, and accounting for the various taxes imposed in Uganda.

Directorate of Geological Survey & Mines

AGE East Africa holds two Business Trade Licenses from DGSM, including Mineral Dealer License and Goldsmith License.

The Directorate of Geological and Mines (DGSM) under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is mandated to establish, promote the development, strategically manage, and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of mineral resources for social and economic development.

Uganda Freight Forwarders Association

AGE East Africa is a proud UFFA Member.

UFFA is an umbrella association of transport and freight logistics companies in Uganda whose membership includes foreign, multinationals and local companies involved with freight logistics, including but not limited to: customs clearance, transport, shipping, ICD/freight terminals and warehouses/storage operations. The Association has a membership of 231 companies who handle over 90% of Uganda import and export cargo.

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry

AGE East Africa is a proud UNCCI Platinum Member.

The UNCCI is the oldest nationwide umbrella organization for the private sector in Uganda. Our main objective is to promote and protect the interests of the business community, particularly its members who are represented in all sectors of the economy.

Uganda Financial Intelligence Authority

AGE East Africa is proud to hold a UFIA Certification from the Financial Intelligence Unit.

The UFIA is a government agency established by the Parliament of Uganda to monitor, investigate, and prevent money laundering in the country. It is also responsible for the enforcement of Uganda's anti-money laundering laws and the monitoring of all financial transactions inside the country's borders.

Uganda Investment Authority

AGE East Africa is proud to hold a UIA Investment License.

The UIA is a semi-autonomous investment promotion and facilitation organization in Uganda and is owned by the government of Uganda. The mission of the UIA is to promote and facilitate investment projects, provide serviced land, and advocate for a competitive business environment. The UIA works with the government and the private sector to promote the economic growth of Uganda through investment and infrastructure development.

Uganda Clearing Industry & Forwarding Association

AGE East Africa is a proud UCIFA Member.

UCIFA is a member-owned institution with over 200 companies licensed by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). With the slogan "Bridging the Gap of Tax Collection", UCIFA's activities are based on the foundations of professionalism and well established working synergies with stakeholders at both national and international levels.